The Wyoming SRM Council over the past few years has been working to streamline and maximize the efficiency of our section committees. The proposed committee structure has passed the Council with approval, now we need to get the vote from our membership.

Here is the proposed revision to the committee structure:

  1.  Executive Council

    • Annual Meeting (planning, etc)

      1. Pres-Elect would still decide location, etc.

      2. Council members would have supporting roles

    • Awards

      1. Awards are voted on by council, that’s why its here

      2. Chair would remain the same?

    • Budget & Financials

      1. This also gets voted on by council and is ultimately council’s responsibility

      2. Chair could remain the same?

  2. Student Activities (plans/organizes these activities at the annual meeting)

    • High School Youth Forum

    • Plant ID Exam

    • URME

    • Range Cup

    • Student Speaking

    • Scholarships

    • WYRED (Sub-Committee for sure)

  3. Outreach, Info & Education

    • Trainings & Events (ESD, Range School, booths, etc)

    • Newsletter (publishing)

    • Website (function, maintenance, etc)

    • Producer Affairs 

    • YPC

  4. SRM Operations

    • Fundraising 

    • Handbook

    • Historian/Archive

    • Membership

    • Nominations

Please vote with the following link whether you approve of this committee re-structure or not. Much appreciated, keep Wyoming Rangelands healthy!