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When colleagues like you are with us, we build our strength, not only as a society, but also as a voice in the rangeland community.

This is the professional society dedicated to supporting persons who work with rangelands and have a commitment to their sustainable use.  We encompass all perspectives of the rangeland community and those who are passionate about the health and stewardship of rangelands. 

We are built on involvement, dedication, and leadership of our members.  SRM is strongest when we have the diversity of thought, activity, and action that comes with a broad and committed membership. 

We are currently looking for YOU to lead the charge in these vacant positions:

Various Student Activities - Outreach & Education - Operations Chair

Click the button below to email the Section President and inquire about vacancies.


Many hands do light work.  In 2013, the Council grouped our committees together and revised the handbook to reflect that change.  Click on a committee to see what they do and who is already participating!  Our Society is only as strong as the members that are active.  So get involved, make a difference!

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