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Range Excellence Starts Here.


The Society for Range Management founded in 1948 as the American Society for Range Management, is a nonprofit association incorporated under the laws of the State of Wyoming.  It is recognized exempt from Federal income tax, as a scientific and educational organization, under the provisions of Section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and also is classed as a public foundation as described in Section 509(a) (2) of the Code.  The name of the Society was changed in 1971 by amendment of Articles of Incorporation.

The Society for Range Management is a professional organization composed of individuals with a common interest in the study, management, and rational use of rangelands and related ecosystems.  The Society’s objectives, as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation, are:


  • to properly take care of the basic rangeland resources of soil, plants and water;

  • to develop an understanding of range ecosystems and of the principles applicable to the management of  range resources; 

  • to assist all who work with range resources to keep abreast of new findings and techniques in the science and art of range management; 

  • to improve the effectiveness of range management to obtain from range resources to products and values necessary for man’s welfare

  • to create a public appreciation of economic and social benefits to be  obtained from the range environment;

  • to promote professional development of its members.


This is the professional society dedicated to supporting persons who work with rangelands and have a commitment to their sustainable use.  We encompass all perspectives of the rangeland community and those who are passionate about the health and stewardship of rangelands.  We are built on involvement, dedication, and leadership of our members.  SRM is strongest when we have the diversity of thought, activity, and action that comes with a broad and committed membership.  When colleagues like you are with us, we build our strength, not only as a society, but also as a voice in the rangeland community.


The Wyoming Section is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable management of rangelands for the benefit of current societies and for future generations. We achieve our mission of a group of well-trained and  highly motivated professionals through the Section's meetings, field days, workshops, and leadership opportunities.

To join, go to the Society for Range Management, or click on the button below. Be sure to select Wyoming as your state section so you receive newsletters, and workshop and field trip info.

  • Education:  Members support their own continuing education with access to field days, educational meetings, and emerging tools/resources that are specific to range management in Wyoming. They also support the next generation, since membership makes several of our youth events, programs, and scholarships possible.

  • Networking:  Members of the Wyoming Section come from all different backgrounds and interests related to range management, and have the chance to connect with and learn from each other during annual meetings and field days, and through involvement in the organization.

  • Leadership:  Members have the opportunity to lead critical aspects of the organization depending on their interests, whether it’s budgeting, educating youth, or member networking. Becoming involved in Wyoming Section SRM means tapping into a professional network of ranchers, range managers, scientists and students who come together towards a common mission of sound range management in Wyoming.

  • Access to the larger Society for Range Management network

Our Leadership

This organization doesn't run on fumes.  It takes dedication and hard work by an elected council.  These council members meet quarterly, and determine the direction of our section. 

Meet the team:


Bree Burton

Past President



Will Rose




Jason Pindell 

President - Elect



Jason Crowder

SE Council Rep



Karen Clause

SW Council Rep


IMG_0452 (002).jpg

Janelle Gonzales

NE Council Rep



Jennifer Bayne

NW Council Rep



Martin Curry




Bree Burton




Averi Reynolds

Newsletter & Website Editor


Check out our 

Section Handbook!

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