Range Library

Ever had trouble finding "that one" resource?  Is that "favorites" toolbar just getting too overcrowded with quick-links?  Below is a list of resources just for you that are commonly used among range professionals (or related fields) in Wyoming.  

Range Technology Summit

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Range management has evolved significantly at the hand of available technologies.  We can put eyes where we normally could not get to in a field season.  From digital soil survey, use of spatial analyst in ArcGIS, to R programming and data analysis.  Highlighted here are tools that you may be able to incorporate and enhance your range excellence!

Rangeland Hydrology

Lake View

Got questions about rangeland hydrology?

Range Innovation

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Ranchers are more enabled to apply science to the art of range management.  See how!

Federal Lands & Multiple Use

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From Forest Plans to BLM Resource Management Plans, you can find a guidance document here!

Data Collection & Management


Got protocols?  Here you can find various protocols that are commonly used to assess, inventory and monitor rangelands.  In addition, a few vegetation management tools are highlighted here as well.

Ecology, Landscapes & ESD's


Ecological Site Descriptions are where plant communities are defined for management interpretation.  


Image by Sebastian Pichler

Having trouble navigating the National Environmental Policy Act or the CEQ's?  Here are some great resources to help you navigate!


Fists in Solidarity

PLC, Stockgrowers, IWJV, etc - links and info to their website.

Non-Native Vegetation


This area is designed to provide the resources for plant identification, soil science - and the art of putting it all together in ecological site descriptions!  Come explore!

Climate & Drought

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Partnerships throughout the US have brought many free resources for continuing education.  Find a plethora of opportunities here! 

Local Research

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Research in range is being published constantly!  Here are some great articles coming right out of the great state of Wyoming!